History & Rules of Touch Rugby

Touch originated in Australia, formally founded in 1979. Originally a derivative of Rugby league, originating from a drill that was used to as part of the Rugby League training programs. The sport has grown from its fledgling start in the late 1970’s to the biggest and fastest growing team sport in Australia and supposedly the world. In Australia alone there are over 1,000,000 registered players.

In South Africa Touch Rugby has grown incredibly since official inception 12 years ago. There are already over 15,000 registered players in South Africa and growing rapidly.

The reason for the growth is that the sport is simple to play, requiring a flat piece of ground, 70m x 50m and a touch rugby ball. Costs are minimal and due to the minimum contact nature of the sport, so are injuries. More importantly the sport caters for all age groups and gender, from 10 years old to over 60’s.

Each team has six players on the filed with up to eight substitutes, who interchange at random. Single points are given for each try scored and the average game consists of 2 x 20 minute halves.

Touch as a sport caters for all ages, genders and skill levels, click here to enter your team into the next local league www.touchrugby.co.za

Download the comprehensive Touch Rugby Playing Rules (7th Edition).